(back) John Masters; (middle left to right) Kevin Lewis, Christine Steele,
Sheryl Lain; (front left to right) Sam Shumway, Cindy Hill

Contact Us:

    Please call 777-2053 for our office.

Travis Hoff
Public Information Officer
Desk Phone: (307) 777-2053

Christine Steele
Operations Director 
Desk Phone: (307) 777-2057

Sam Shumway
Senior Policy Analyst 
Desk Phone: (307) 777-2059

John Masters
Deputy Superintendent 
Desk Phone: (307) 777-2058

Sheryl Lain
Instructional Leader 
Personal Phone: (307) 631-0637

Kevin Lewis
Research and Reporting Specialist 
Cell Phone: (307) 274-0589